Lizzy Petersen served as the Managing Editor at River Styx for 2 years and now works as the Grant and Outreach Manager. She teaches at Fontbonne University. Previously, she worked as the Poetry Co-Editor of Sycamore Review at Purdue University, where she received her MFA in Poetry. Her work is forthcoming in RHINO and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. You can read some her published work here.

Lizzy’s poetry is interested in technology. Her poetry series on the Arkansas photographer Mike Disfarmer (1884 to 1959) observes how his manipulation of glass plate photographs both enhances and deteriorates the portraits, and thus his relationship with the town’s residents. In this series, she works to merge the technical with the emotional. Her poems on the internet cross the natural and the simulated worlds to make an account of how digital interfaces to reflect human behavior.